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Central Vacuum Systems
Offering the Best Central Vacuum Equipment
At Rocky Mountain Audio Video, we have also been involved in almost every aspect of the central vacuum industry. We have worked on and installed almost every brand imaginable.  In doing so, we have learned which brands and models to trust and which to avoid.

We install both residential and commercial central vacuum systems.  We recommend Honeywell and Electrolux systems because we have used them, they hold up under normal wear and tear, and we can strategically place them to make vacuuming as easy as possible.In most cases, systems will actually work better, and at a fraction of the cost, than from your local central vacuum dealer. 

Fully licensed, insured and bonded, you can place your trust in Rocky Mountain Audio Video to perform extensive installation services while maintaining a safe environment.  Our technicians are factory trained and certified to provide you the best possible installation. And once we complete your installation, we will spend time teaching you how to operate your new system. This does not mean just going through it once; it means teaching you until you feel like a pro!

Honeywell Central Vacuum Systems
For the most durable, steel-constructed central vacuum available, the new line of Honeywell machines are known for quiet operation and permanent, self-cleaning filters, this style of Honeywell vacuum guarantees satisfaction.  These machines are capable of cleaning from 3,000 up to 15,000 square feet of space depending on the model you choose.  Honeywell central vacuum systems are covered under a five year warranty.

Honeywell also offers quality packages of attachments to suit any cleaning purpose.  Available for direct connect and pig-tail power supplies, these state-of-the-art accessories are second to none.  Priced for any budget without sacrificing quality makes these Honeywell central vacuum accessory sets just as sought after as their power units. We carry package deals that include your choice of central  vacuum power unit and attachment set.
Cleaning Sets
Honeywell Central Vacuum Cleaning Sets include an electric power brush, hose and attachment set. Choose the one that best fits your needs. All Honeywell Cleaning Sets carry a 2-year warranty, excluding bulbs and belts.

A completely new designed Honeywell Cleaning Set that will offer the ultimate cleaning experience.
» New Hoses 1-1/4" diameter increased to 1 3/8", which will provide superior air flow and cleaning power
» New Handle Design provides a comfortable grip and full swivel capability to prevent kinks
» New "D" shaped telescopic wand! No external wires! A single touch button adjusts the wand to 5 positions
» New Quick Release Design with a single touch allows for quick and easy attachment conversion
» New Tools for upholstery, hardwood/tile floors, crevices and much more
» 180-degree Swivel Head used to conveniently direct the power head for use in hard to reach places
» 14-Inch Wide Deep Cleaning Brush with dual edge cleaning technology
» LED Long-Life Headlight for dark corners and under furniture
» Quilted Hose Sock on Elite Cleaning Set to assure protection for wall corners and furniture
» Electric Cleaning Sets to meet the needs for homes of all types and sizes
H400 Premier Cleaning Set
» Premium electric powerbrush includes 5-level height adjustment
» No-slip cogged belt
» LED headlight
» Easy change release
» 30' hose with full swivel handle
» Extra telescopic chrome wand
» Premier cleaning attachment
» 2-year warranty
H100 Starter
» Electric power brush adjusts automatically to any carpet height
» 30’ 1-1/4” crushproof, switch-controlled electric hose
» Ergonomic fixed handle with cord management
» Attachment set includes: set of plastic wands, wall and bare floor brush, crevice tool, round dusting brush, three-tool caddy, upholstery nozzle and slip-on brush, hose rack
H200 Select, H250 Select
» Electric power brush adjusts automatically to any carpet height
» No-slip cogged belt drive
» LED headlight
» Easy change release disconnects the wand from power head
» 30'(H200) or 35'(H250) 1-3/8" crushproof, total-control electric hose with reversible cuff
» Ergonomic full-swivel handle with
integrated cord
» Attachment set includes: bare floor brush, crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool
H300 Elite
» Electric power brush adjusts automatically to any carpet height
» No-slip cogged belt drive
» LED headlight
» Easy change release disconnects the wand from power head
» 30' 1-3/8" crushproof, total-control electric hose with reversible cuff
» Gray quilted hose sock
» Ergonomic full-swivel handle with cord
» Premium attachment set includes: bare floor brush, crevice tool, dusting brush, fine China brush, upholstery brush, and tool caddy
Electrolux Canister Vacuumes
.Electrolux Central Vacuums are ideal and easy to use on all levels of your home. Simply put the hose in the wall and cleaning has never been better or faster.
  • Heavy-duty steel body
  • Ultra quiet performance
  • Permanent self-cleaning HEPA filter
  • Rated for up to a 15,000-square foot cleaning space
  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty
Vacuum cleaning is an essential part of modern living, but portable vacuum cleaners tend to be awkward. A central vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is the most powerful, most convenient, and easiest way to clean your home. A central vacuum system provides you with:

 Why The Central Vacuum System is right for me?
  • A clean you can trust
  • Lightweight control
  • The quiet way to clean
  • A healthier home environment
  • Remove Allergens & Dust
How a Central Vacuum Works?
.Central Vacuum Systems use specifically designed tubing installed in the walls of your home to carry 100% of the contacted dirt, dust and allergens away from living area to the central power unit commonly located in the garage, utility room or basement.

.To activate the system, simply insert the lightweight hose into a central vacuum wall inlet valve. Most homes will typically have a combination of wall inlets and sweeper inlets strategically placed throughout to reach each room in the home. The flexible lightweight hose and inlet system allow you to easily move from room to room without having to push a heavy upright vacuum or pull canister vacuum behind commonly bumping into walls or valuable furniture.

Central Vacuum Systems are much quieter and portable. The power unit of a central vacuum system is located outside of the living areas, where the motor of a portable vacuum is in the same room you clean.
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